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Tinned Fish Kit Tinned Fish Kit Tinned Fish Kit Tinned Fish Kit

Tinned Fish Kit



We collected some of our favorite provisions from the ocean to pair alongside our wild smoked salmon, packaged together to make a delicious gift or a tasty spread at home.

Enjoy it all with toast or crackers for briny, flavorful bite. Salty, simple, & delicious. 

Kit Includes: 

1 Handmade maple wood serving board made by KnotWeld.

1  jar of smoked Sockeye Salmon, harvested onboard our small boat this summer in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The fish has been lightly cold smoked and carefully hand packed in a jar. 

1 tin of smoked Copper River Coho salmon. With rich, delicate flavor and firm texture, this fish is a delicious treat. 

1 tin of smoked Octopus, featuring wild octopus harvested this October in Southeast Alaska by our family. This sea creature has been delicately smoked so you can savor it's briny, succulent flavors. 

1 jar of Wakame seaweed flakes from Daybreak Seaweed, a nutrient-packed seaweed that adds a savory depth and burst of flavor to your cooking. Made with sustainably-grown seaweed from regenerative ocean farms in Alaska to create an exquisite seaweed seasoning that is good for you and good for the ocean!


Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Orders of $100 and over ship free.

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