Salmon + Octopus Bundle




1 jar of Smoked Alaska Sockeye Salmon

1 tin of Alaska Smoked Octopus 

The sockeye salmon was sustainably harvested from the wild waters of Alaska onboard our small boat and smoked traditionally over natural alderwood. 

Packaged in reusable 6.5 ounce glass jars, the smoked salmon has a shelf life of five years. Once opened, the jar should be refrigerated and enjoyed within a week. 

The octopus is sustainably pot harvested from the cold, clean waters outside of Ketchikan, Alaska by Michael's brother Jacob, the captain behind J & M SEAFOODS.

After harvest, the octopus was traditionally smoked and packed in a tin by the fine folks at Wildfish Cannery. 

Briny, tender, and flavorful, the smoked octopus can be savored straight from the tin.