Wild Alaska Salmon Share

Bringing nourishing, good fish to your home.

Community Supported Fishery


We spend the summer season up in Alaska, hard at work on the water harvesting wild salmon. In the winter, we head to the Pacific Northwest to rest and share the bounty of the sea. We created our Community Supported Fishery to fill the freezers of our winter community, bringing you good nourishing fish to enjoy.

Here's how it all works: 

Customers pre-pay a 50% deposit for their sustainably harvested wild Alaska salmon.

We use this deposit for the upfront costs of harvesting and processing your delicious salmon. Your first payment goes towards gearing up our boat and packaging your fish. 

When our fishing season ends, you will receive premium quality, hand-processed salmon in conveniently packaged, flash frozen portions that taste as fresh as the day it came out of the ocean.

Your CSF share will be available for pick up or delivery in October 2020 in Western Washington. Unfortunately, unavailable to ship our frozen fish. 

We're proud and honored you've chosen to support wild salmon and our small boat fishery here in Alaska.

Spot Prawn Share

This year, we are featuring an exciting new seafood option to add on to your Wild Salmon Share.  In collaboration with Jacob Hand, we are offering a 6 lb share of frozen at sea Alaska Spot Prawns.  

Alaska Spot prawns are world renowned for their delicious, sweet flavors.  Enjoy these individually frozen prawns by pan frying, boiling, grilling or countless other ways.