Wild Alaska Salmon Share

Bringing nourishing, good fish to your home.

Community Supported Fishery


We spend the summer season in Alaska, hard at work on the water harvesting wild salmon. In the winter, we head to the Pacific Northwest to share the bounty. We created our Community Supported Fishery to fill the freezers of our winter community, bringing you high quality, nourishing good fish to enjoy.

A Community Supported Fishery creates a conversation, connecting you to the source of sustainable seafood and the transparent supply chain directly delivering high quality wild fish to your kitchen.   


Here's how it all works: 


For 2021, we will no longer be taking pre-orders prior to our fishing season. Ordering our catch of wild salmon will be available based on summer harvest and distributed to your door in season.

Stay tuned for announcements on ordering and availability through our newsletter and instagram. 

Starting in May, the two of us will be heading out to fish for wild Alaska salmon.

After a good day of fishing, we'll pull up to the dock and offload the catch to be cut and packaged into conveniently packaged, flash frozen portions. 

We'll announce through our email newsletter and on instagram when ordering fish is available week by week throughout our salmon season. Once a week, we'll package up your orders of frozen fish and ship it directly to your door in the greater Seattle area, including Bellingham & Anacortes. Unfortunately, we're not set up to ship our CSF beyond. 

You will receive premium quality, hand-processed salmon in conveniently packaged, flash frozen portions that taste as fresh as the day it came out of the ocean.

We're proud and honored you've chosen to support wild salmon and our small boat fishery here in Alaska.


Join our newsletter for updates on our 2021 Community Supported Fishery.