Wild Salmon Share

Join our Community Supported Fishery and enjoy the flavor of wild Alaska salmon. Perfectly portioned, flash frozen salmon is available for customers in Western Washington. Ordering our catch of wild salmon will be available based on summer harvest and distributed to your door in season.

Tinned Alaska Seafood

Provisions from Alaska's wild waters, smoked and tinned to enjoy. Sustainably harvested, traditionally hand packed in tins, and shipped to your home.

Smoked salmon
The Pantry

The Pantry

We believe the good life is living simply and eating well. Stock your pantry with a few of our favorite handmade and thoughtful goods.

Commercial Fishing

Alaska’s cold, pristine waters provide us with a livelihood and a way of life. As commercial fishermen, we love nothing more than sharing wild, healthy salmon with our customers. We harvest salmon from the Copper River watershed using an environmentally-conscious fishing technique called gillnetting. This involves laying a shallow net wall in the water along the fish’s path. Once the fish swim into the mesh, we pull the net onto our boat, The Pelican, where we carefully remove the fish, one by one. The fish are then bled and placed in ice water to ensure peak freshness.


Alaska has always been committed to the scientific, sustainable management of its fisheries. During the summer season, fishery managers closely watch the salmon swim up the river to their headwaters where they spawn. If the number of fish doesn't meet the requirement for a healthy population, the fleet of fishermen stay in the harbor and refrain from fishing. Our livelihood as commercial fishermen depends on the salmon that we don’t catch in our net just as much as the ones that we do. We take care of our wild salmon fishery so that it continues to thrive for years and years to come.

The Copper River Watershed

Protecting and advocating for the wild Watershed where our fish return is important to us. We're proud to partner with the Copper River Watershed Project by giving back 1 % of our annual sales to further habitat preservation and education. The Copper River Watershed Project works to foster the health of the Copper River watershed's salmon-based cultures, communities, and economies. Learn more about the Copper River Watershed Project.