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Frozen Fish Share


Here's how it all works: 

A Community Supported Fishery creates a conversation, connecting you to the source of sustainable seafood and the transparent supply chain directly delivering high quality wild fish to your kitchen. 

We've created our CSF to share the fish we harvest and connect directly with the families we're feeding. Our CSF brings you fish in season, delivered throughout the summer as we're working on the water.  

Our August box is packed with 15 lbs of wild Prince William Sound frozen sockeye portions, harvested on our boat here in Alaska and delivered directly to your door. These wild fish are incredible, caught in cold, glacial waters and full of fat and flavor.

Your fish is harvested onboard our small boat, each fish carefully handled for the best flavor to feed your friends and family. Premium quality, hand-processed salmon comes in conveniently packaged, flash frozen portions that taste as fresh as the day it came out of the ocean. 

Our 15 lb Wild Salmon Share contains frozen portions of Prince William Sound sockeye salmon, with each portion being approximately 6 ounces. 

Seattle area orders arrive on Monday, August 15th. 

Direct to your door deliveries across the US will be delivered Tuesday, August 16th. 


Shipped from Cordova, Alaska to your doorstep, arriving in a insulated recyclable box. Free local delivery to Seattle, $50 doorstep delivery across the Lower 48 states.