It is the connections in life—to good food, conversation, and wilderness—that bring us around our table with friends and loved ones.


Dispatches from the fishing grounds & updates from our community.

Fish Tales with Honest Magazine

The story takes you to the beach where we snacked on pickled king salmon and tinned fish while nettle pesto grilled salmon slowly cooked over a campfire.

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Feast of the Seven Fishes

Wild Alaska Coho salmon slow roasted over juniper branches, smelling like Christmas, and served at our winter Salmon Supper featuring Stephanie Eburah. 

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Winter Market

Celebrate the winter season and come join us for a day of delicious salmon, good company, and thoughtful gifts. 

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We hope these recipes inspire you and bring you together with people you care about around the table.


We'd love to see you and share more about our wild salmon fishery.

Upcoming Spring Events

Salmon Supper Club

Join us for dinner celebrating wild salmon and good company. 
Gather around the table, enjoy our wild salmon harvest, and hear more about how you can join our Community Supported Fishery this upcoming salmon season. We look forward to seeing you for the feast.