We're small boat harvesters

Bringing you wild Alaska seafood straight from the fisherman. Each fish is hand picked and delivered by Michael and Nelly Hand, ensuring quality from sea to table.


Dispatches from the fishing grounds, stories from the harbor.

Spring Spot Prawns

Caught in the cold, glacial waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska

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Kodiak Tanner Crab

Winter fishing, harvesting tasty crab out in the January swell.

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Cozy Season Gift Guide

We've collected this list of good things and delicious dishes to share. Cheers to cozy days ahead.

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A collection of family recipes and collaborations with chefs to inspire your next gathering with friends.

Wild Salmon, Potatoes, Eggs & Grain Mustard-Caper Vinaigrette

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Wild Salmon with Nettle Pesto

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Fettuccine with Salmon and Capers

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