It is the connections in life—to good food, conversation, and wilderness—that bring us around our table with friends and loved ones.


Dispatches from the fishing grounds & updates from our community.

Salmon Supper Club

March gathered us around the table, brought together by wild salmon and good company. Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve been hosting Salmon Supper Club, a series of dinners in collaboration with our community of chefs. 

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All Hands On Deck

Drifters Fish is a sea-to-table, husband-and-wife operation from Nelly and Michael Hand that nets sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon.

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Beachside Salmon Feast with Blundstones

We live for any chance to get outside and cook fish over a fire and it was a huge treat to work with our friends Ben Schuyler & Meghan Klein creating this feast. Big thanks to Blundstone boots for gearing us up with quality boots to wear and for supporting good stories.

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We hope these recipes inspire you and bring you together with people you care about around the table.