We're a community supported fishery

Bringing you wild Alaska salmon straight from the fisherman. Each fish is hand picked and delivered by Michael and Nelly Hand, ensuring quality from sea to table.


Dispatches from the fishing grounds, stories from the harbor.

Taking Care of Wild Places

Healthy rivers and wild places are incredibly important for healthy wild salmon. 

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Proud to share our harvest of wild Alaska fish with you.

“At the top of our list is Drifters Fish which, diverging from many other brands previously included, preserves its salmon in reusable jars as well as cans."

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A Cold Season Gift Guide

We've put together this list of good things we're enjoying: gifts we love giving and what's cooking in our kitchen this cold season.

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To bring you together with good folks around the table or a smoky fire outside.

Red Curry Salmon Chowder

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Salmon with Potatoes, Tarragon, Scallions, & Preserved lemon

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Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes

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