Frozen Alaska Spot Prawns Frozen Alaska Spot Prawns Frozen Alaska Spot Prawns

Frozen Alaska Spot Prawns


The shrimp fishery here is a super small, sustainably managed harvest. The fishery runs April 15th to April 24th and we’re permitted 25 pots we can pick and reset between 8 am to 8 pm over that course of time. We’re setting our gear out in cold, glacier fjords to harvest these beautiful wild shrimps from the deep.

We've partnered with three friends to bring you our collective harvest from this short and sweet fishery. 

Equipped with a plate freezer on deck, we’re able to flash freeze at minus 70 degrees just an hour after pulling up the catch. As soon as you thaw these shrimps tails at home, these juicy guys will taste just like they were fresh straight out of the glacier water.

Frozen spot prawns tails ship straight to your doorstep, ready to grill or sauté in butter. 

Ships in a 10 lb box, packaged with two 5 lb resealable bags. 


Home deliveries will ship with UPS Next Day Air and arrive on Tuesday, June 13th.

Shipped from Cordova, Alaska to your doorstep, arriving in a insulated recyclable box. $20 local delivery fee to Seattle, WA. UPS Next Day Air calculated at checkout.