Smoked Alaska Sockeye Smoked Alaska Sockeye Smoked Alaska Sockeye

Smoked Alaska Sockeye


Package of Two Jars / 6.5 ounces each


Our fish is sustainably harvested onboard our small boat here in Alaska through the bright long days of June & July over in Prince William Sound. Gently smoked over alder wood and hand packed into a reusable glass jar, it's ready to eat. 

Once opened, the smoked salmon should be refrigerated and enjoyed within a week. 

With a salty, smoky flavor, we love to enjoy it with cheese and crackers, breakfast scrambled eggs, in a rice bowl, or straight out of the jar.

Savor the taste of summer with our smoked wild salmon. 

Proud to bring you our wild fish caught & canned in Alaska. 


Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Alder Smoke

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