Six Pound Alaska Spot Prawn Share


This year we are featuring a 6 lb Alaska Spot Prawn Share.  These delicious shrimp are caught in Southeast Alaska by Jacob Hand of J&M Seafoods.  Jacob, Michael's brother, has made a life harvesting seafood across the state of Alaska. 

The shrimp are harvested using pots in early October, they are quickly processed and individually frozen at sea.  All the delicious flavors of these sweet, delectable crustaceans are preserved and ready for you to enjoy throughout the year.

Contains head off and individually frozen 3 lbs of Jumbo Size Prawns Tails and 3 lbs of Large Prawn Tails:

Jumbo Spot Prawns can be the center piece of any meal.  There are 16-19 of these shrimp per pound.  Some of this size will have roe.

Large Spot Prawns are perfect to be added to any pasta dish or seafood boil.  There are 25-33 shrimp per pound.  



Your Alaska Spot Prawn Share will be available for pick up or delivery in October.