June Dispatch from the Fishing Grounds | Harvest Season 2021

June Dispatch from the Fishing Grounds | Harvest Season 2021


Our fishing district spans from the ocean’s east edge of the Copper River Delta to the western glacier corners of Prince William Sound. With careful commitment to sustainable management and stewardship for these wild fish, the fishery managers here open and close different regions of this area throughout the summer, vigilantly monitoring the fish returning to the rivers that encompass this wild place.

Working within the permitted hours allowed for commercial harvest, we run our boat across ocean bars and through narrow passes between big mountains to get to the open fishing grounds and go to work. Proud to make our livelihood feeding people from this wild fishery.


Early June opened the Prince William Sound fishery for wild Sockeye and Keta salmon. Nelly went to work harvested bright fish to add to our tinned fish collection. Fishing all hours, the harvest was on for wild fish. 



We shipped our fresh fish on the menu at Canlis, The Corson Building, and Ebb & Company


We love the wildness of this work and chasing wild salmon. There’s a cycle and a rhythm to the fish that come through, schools of salmon pulsing with the ebb and flood of the tide.

Anchoring our livelihood of commercial fishing is a strong commitment to stewardship and the sustainability of Alaska’s wild salmon.

That means salmon to fill the streams will always take precedence over commercial fishing. Alaska’s fisheries will always prioritize protecting the salmon population for a healthy future. We’re so proud to feed people from a place that values the precious resource of wild salmon.

Thank you for your support and choosing Alaska’s delicious wild salmon. Thanks for being a part of the adventure.

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