May Dispatch from the Fishing Grounds

May Dispatch from the Fishing Grounds


Our first fishery of the season started bright and early on Monday, May 17th. We were lucky to have mostly kind weather to steady our sea legs and put the boat back to work. With a marine forecast of 15 kt west wind and 5 foot seas, we worked our gear and drifted in the swell from 7 am to 7 pm harvesting gorgeous Copper River Salmon. Each fish we hauled onboard felt special, these first fish of summer shimmering on deck. 

Copper River Salmon are silvery and bright, firm and fat with flavor. These powerful fish are harvested where wild glacial rivers meet the Gulf of Alaska, rich with fatty oils stored for energy to make the long haul back up the Copper River. Carefully working within the sustainable structure for our fishery, we set our net out in the ocean to capture these fish before they turn up river, savoring the moment in time when they are at their peak flavor. 

After a long day of harvesting beautiful King & Sockeye salmon, we raced back to the harbor to box up our catch and drive it out to the airport to ship with Alaska Airlines down to our restaurant partners. 


Fresh Copper River Salmon crudo with dill yogurt and orange fennel salad on the menu this week at the Walrus & The Carpenter in Seattle. We love this little spot, go treat yourself to a delicious dinner and a taste of summer’s first incredible wild fish from Alaska. 



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