Salmon Season is Here

Salmon Season is Here


Celebrating the start of Copper River Salmon season!

These wild fish are full of fat and flavor, deliciously rich and phenomenally nutritious.

Our fishing grounds stretch across the mudflats and mouth of the Copper River Delta, where shallow sandbars have been carved out by the outflow of the glacial river. Together, we run a small boat harvesting wild fish in ocean currents at their peak of flavor. 

Lucky to have a forecast with good weather for our first day of the season. We anchored out the night before, watching the full red moon rise over the ocean horizon. On Monday, we started with a twelve hour fishery, working from 7 am to 7 pm. Lots to learn working the new boat, but so far so good! 

This week you can find our fresh catch served up at a few restaurants in Seattle: 
Eight Row
The Walrus & The Carpenter

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