Salmon Summer | Harvest Season 2019

Salmon Summer | Harvest Season 2019


The month of May in Alaska was an incredibly exciting time as we celebrated the start of wild salmon harvest season. The first few weeks of the month were a blur of boat projects and net mending, gearing up our small boat for the work ahead. 

We’re proud to work in Alaska’s responsible fisheries where sustainability has always been at the forefront of the commercial fishing industry. Carefully managed for the protection and health of the wild, surrounding ecosystem, this salmon fishery has great respect for these rich fishing waters.

The Copper River Salmon fishery took off with a strong start, the salmon came in big and bright. Throughout May and June, we shared our catch with a handful of restaurants in Seattle, our fresh catch could be found at Canlis, Bar Melusine, and Bistro Shirlee. 

By the end of June, the daylight was endless and with it, we worked around the clock.  With this season's strong salmon run, we had extended hours to harvest these incredible fish. It was exciting to ship off our fresh catch of sparkling sockeye salmon to few fantastic restaurants in Seattle, including The Walrus & The Carpenter and The London Plane. 

July was a blur of beautiful weather and brilliant sockeye salmon. We harvested fish to stock our smoked salmon provisions and tinned fish and did our best to eat as much fresh salmon as we possibly could. 

August brought on the Coho harvest and the late summer run had us working through mid-September. The weather shifted colder and the days stretched shorter. We worked through the last of the golden summer sunsets chasing wild fish in Alaska's wild waters. 

It’s real hard work for the harvest but we’re lucky and grateful for the strong salmon community in Alaska working together for a safe and successful fishing summer.

Cheers to tired hands, a season well lived, and an ocean that keeps providing.

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