Salmon Summer | Harvest Season 2020

Salmon Summer | Harvest Season 2020

We're proud and honored you've chosen to support wild salmon and our small boat fishery here in Alaska. 

This has been a season of big challenges, but throughout it all, we're inspired and encouraged that we get to go to work to feed you and your family healthy, nourishing good fish. 

We love the wildness of this work and chasing wild salmon. There’s a cycle and a rhythm to the fish that come through, and a big part of fishing here is the strong commitment to stewardship and the sustainability of Alaska’s wild salmon.

That means salmon to fill the streams takes precedence over commercial fishing. We’ve had limited time and area to go to work this season, the fishery closing for a few days or weeks at time in order to prioritize protecting the salmon population for a healthy future. On the days it’s been open, we’re hard at work pushing ourselves and our boat to chase fish and haul up schools of salmon in our nets.

Our Community Supported Fishery share this season features the fish we had the opportunity to sustainably harvest this summer. Copper River Sockeye opened for a few brief hours in May before the fishery was closed for sustainability. 

In June, we worked the waters to the West in Prince William Sound harvesting bright sockeye salmon from glacial waters, the fishing was slow but we were able to round up some beautiful fish. August brought big, bright Copper River Coho swimming through the Delta and we caught some silvery, fat fish as our salmon season came to a close. We’re excited to share all these wild, delicious fish with you, our CSF this season brings you a taste of our summer here in Alaska with an assortment of a few pieces of Copper River Sockeye, a couple of cuts of Prince William Sound Sockeye, and portions of Copper River Coho, each fish carefully hand harvested and responsibly caught. 

Our collection of tinned fish brings the summer harvest to your pantry. In mid June, around the summer solstice, we harvested sockeye salmon for the smokehouse, where the fish is smoked over alderwood and hand packed in glass jars. July’s sockeye salmon can be enjoyed in traditionally packed tinned salmon, gently cooked with sea salt. September brought big, bright Coho salmon to the Copper River Delta and we hand selected the fattest fish to smoke and cook to perfection in a tin. Tinned fish is a deep part of the heritage of commercial fishing in Alaska, essential to preserving the wild harvest and abundance of salmon. We’re proud and excited to celebrate the goodness of tinned fish, our greatest food from the sea. 

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