Season Summary

Season Summary


Starting in early May, our season took off chasing wild Copper River King and Sockeye salmon. Working within the hours designated for a careful, sustainable harvest, we set our net out where the Copper River meets the Gulf of Alaska. We were lucky to have beautiful weather for the early start to the season, calm winds, gentle ocean swell and an unforgettable big day of hauling schools of sockeye salmon onboard. 

We fished for Copper River salmon through early June, shipping our fresh fish to a few of our favorite restaurants and home cooks in Seattle. Super thankful to all the chefs and restaurants for serving our catch this summer and sharing fresh wild salmon at your tables.

At the start of the season, we made the big move to invest in a different boat for the fishery here and sold the boat we’ve been running for the last 5 years. Our new seabird, the F/V Heron, flies a little faster across the water, has bigger deck space for working together, and bigger fish holds for carrying the catch back to town. 

Onboard our small boat, we’re lucky to go to work respectfully harvesting incredible wild salmon. Each fish is carefully picked from the net and bled immediately to preserve its fresh wild flavor. We load the insulated fish holds with ice and saltwater to chill the fresh salmon before bringing the boat back to the dock to offload our catch and ship it out.

June pulled the boat across to Prince William Sound where wild keta and sockeye salmon run was coming in and the summer took off from there. 

Through the bright long days of June and on to the end of July, the salmon run stayed steady. Catching beautiful wild fish to be smoked and tinned to save a little summer for your shelf this winter. August brought on stormy weather and a small pink salmon fishery and we were thrilled to work with a new smokehouse in Cordova to smoke up our August pink and sockeye haul. 

We wrapped up the season with September silver salmon, the last fish of the summer to make its way back. Big weather brought on a few days of good fishing as the mountains turned gold over the fishing grounds and the season shifted with the light. 

In exciting news, this summer we started shipping our frozen fish boxes out across the country. Each box is packed with premium quality, hand cut salmon in conveniently packaged flash frozen portions that taste as fresh as the day we harvested your fish out of the ocean. Shipping from Cordova, Alaska to your front door and arriving in an insulated recyclable box anywhere across the US. We’re stoked to be shipping fish that we caught this summer to you through the winter.

We love the wildness of this work and chasing wild salmon. Our livelihood is tied to a strong commitment to stewardship and a dedication to the future sustainability of Alaska’s wild salmon.

Thanks for supporting this small boat and our sustainable harvest, we’re honored to put good fish on your plate.


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