Wild Alaska Octopus

Wild Alaska Octopus


Jacob, Michael's brother, has made a life harvesting wild sea creatures across the state of Alaska. We’re super proud to bring you traceable & sustainable Alaska seafood from our family of fishermen.

We've partnered with Jacob to bring you delicious octopus from the cold wild waters of Southeast Alaska, an exciting addition to our tinned fish collection. 

Every October, Jacob goes to work in Southeast Alaska pot fishing for spot prawns. Octopus is a common bycatch, crawling into the pots. 

The octopus harvest in Alaska is a sustainable fishery, with very little impact on the environment. They are an abundant species thriving in Alaska's cold waters and only live a maximum of five years and produce 300,000 eggs per mature female. Here's a good read from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game about the Pacific Octopus sustainable fishery in Alaska: Giant North Pacific Octopus

Giant Pacific Octopus is also listed as a Best Choice sustainable seafood named by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch

After harvest, the octopus is traditionally smoked and packed in a tin by the fine folks at Wildfish Cannery, masters of the craft of preserving excellent smoked seafood. 

Briny, tender, and flavorful, the smoked octopus can be savored straight from the tin. 

Shop this delicious tinned treat: Smoked Octopus.  

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