Spring Spot Prawns

Spring Spot Prawns


In April, we had a cold, beautiful stretch out harvesting wild spot prawns in Alaska's icy waters. 

The shrimp fishery here is a super small, sustainably managed harvest out in the wild waters of Prince William Sound. The fishery runs April 15th to April 24th and we’re permitted 25 pots we can pick and reset between 8 am to 8 pm over that course of time. We used small pots and set our gear out in cold, glacier fjords to harvest these beautiful wild shrimps from the deep.

We brought our other boat the Seaview to have on the fishing grounds to use as a floating freezer while we ran around catching shrimp with our smaller boat the Heron. We partnered with three friends to collective process and freeze our catch from this fishery. Equipped with a plate freezer on deck, we were able to flash freeze at -70 degrees just an hour after pulling up the catch. As soon as you thaw these shrimps tails at home, these juicy guys will taste just like they were fresh straight out of the glacier water.

Frozen at sea shrimp tails come packaged in a 5 lb resealable bag and ship straight to your front door. Super proud of this sustainable harvest to put traceable and delicious wild Alaska spot prawns in your freezer.

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