Spring Spot Prawns

Spring Spot Prawns


The shrimp fishery here is a super small, sustainably managed harvest out in the wild waters of Prince William Sound. The fishery runs April 15th to April 29th and we’re permitted 35 pots we can pick and reset between 8 am to 8 pm over that course of time. We’re using small pots and setting our gear out in cold, glacier fjords to harvest these beautiful wild shrimps from the deep. 

We’ve partnered with our family and a few good friends to bring you our collective harvest from this short and sweet fishery.

Every morning after each boat hauls up their permitted number of pots, we get the catch into our flash freezer as fast as we can.  Working individually on small fishing boats and collectively committed to a quality harvest, we’re super proud to put traceable and delicious wild Alaska spot prawns in your freezer.


With a plate freezer onboard, we’re able to flash freeze at -30 degrees just an hour after pulling up the catch.

The quality we are able to capture from flash freezing directly after hauling pots is pretty magical.  As soon as you thaw these spot prawn tails at home, these juicy guys will taste just like they were straight fresh out of the glacier water. Add a bag to your freezer and be ready to make shrimp pasta, shrimp tacos, or shrimp ceviche.

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