Sharing Good Things, a Cold Season Gift Guide

Sharing Good Things, a Cold Season Gift Guide


Happy winter from Cordova.

It's been a stormy stretch for our tiny coastal home, howling winds and heavy weather holding tight as the seasons shift and the light changes. 

We've put together this list of good things we're enjoying: gifts we love giving and what's cooking in our kitchen this cold season. Thank you for shopping with us and with other small business folks, the support keeps us all afloat.  

Cheers, Nelly & Michael


Gift a Box of Fish 

Direct to your door Wild Alaska salmon, carefully caught onboard our small boat. Each box is packed with premium quality, hand cut salmon in conveniently packaged flash frozen portions that taste as fresh as the day we harvested your fish out of the ocean.

Shop Frozen Fish Box


Rugged Seas Tote

Made for the boat, beach, or anywhere you want to take it. The waterproof base means it can be dropped anywhere without getting the contents soaked because it’s made from recycled bibs worn by hardworking fishermen. We love the good work these guys are doing upcycling worn out gear into usable totes. 

Shop the Rugged Seas Tote


Cedar Planks 

Ready to take outside and make something delicious over a smoky campfire or your backyard grill. As your fish slowly cooks, it becomes infused with the smoky, woodsy fragrance of Pacific Northwest cedar.

Shop Cedar Planks


Seaweed Pantry Essentials

A 4-pack of seaweed flakes and seasonings in a festive gift box! The ultimate combo for the seaweed lover to add flavorful, nutrient-packed seasonings to their cooking and pantry.

Shop Seaweed Pantry Essentials


Drifters Dish

The perfect handmade vessel that drifts between a bowl and plate, shallow in all the right places to hold all the flavors. Each ceramic dish is hand crafted in Seattle and is stamped with a Know Your Fisherman seal at the base. 

Shop Drifters Dish


Tinned Fish Kit

Treat your friends to a Tinned Fish feast! Featuring a selection of our smoked wild salmon and Alaska seaweed flakes, this gift box includes a handmade serving board. All of our favorite ocean flavors are ready to enjoy right from the box.  

Shop Tinned Fish Kit


Make Wild Salmon Gravlox Together

Gravlax is a traditional way of preserving fish from Scandinavia. A simple salt & sugar cure covering a piece of wild salmon is all it takes.

Gravlax celebrates the fish with its brilliant color, delicate texture, and rich flavor, making for a delicious addition to any meal. During the holidays, our family makes a big batch together and enjoys it for breakfast or as an afternoon appetizer with soft cheese and rye bread.

Wild Salmon Gravlox Recipe


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