Cozy Season Gift Guide

Cozy Season Gift Guide

Big snowflakes are coming down outside today and winter's settling in around our tiny coastal town. The day's keeping ending earlier and earlier as the light barely stretches out over the mountain tops. 

We took the boat out on the water last weekend, frosty trees lining the shores. It was beautiful to be out in Orca Inlet this time of year. We made a big pot of salmon soup for the weekend camping with the boat. Hibernation season is slowing our pace from the acceleration of summer, and now's the time to open the freezer and cook up the harvest. 

To brighten up your December, we've collected this list of good things and delicious dishes to share. Gifts we love giving and what's cooking in our kitchen this wintry season. Thank you for shopping with us and with other small business folks, the support sure keeps us all afloat.  

Cheers to cozy days ahead,

Nelly & Michael


Enjoy Luxurious Lox

Our new Alaska Sockeye Salmon Lox is delicately sliced and ready to enjoy for quick and fun appetizer platter or on a sumptuous bagel. Our sockeye lox is cured in seasoned brine and then cold smoked for perfect flavor and texture. Ships directly to your front door. 

> Shop Alaska Sockeye Lox Box


Bagel & Lox Tee

Screen-printed tee with the tastiest breakfast around created by Ana Inciardi in Maine. 

> Shop Bagel & Lox tee


Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

This deep gold apple cider vinegar is made with whole, juicy, organic Washington State apples. Bursting with fresh apple flavor, Apple State vinegar is packed with a seriously powerful living culture and we love using it to make our pickled fish. 

> Shop Apple Cider Vinegar


Tinned Fish Stocking Stuffers

Packed with protein and nourishing wild flavors, you can eat our tinned fish right from the can. Or add to a rice bowl or make a salmon sandwich. The delicious possibilities are endless. 

> Shop Tinned Fish


Nasturtium Tea Towel

A bright and colorful tea towel to add some color to your kitchen. Nasturtiums are my favorite plant around, this past summer I had a little container garden on the boat with nasturtiums for good company. Love a plant that you can eat the flowers AND the leaves. 

> Shop Nasturtium Tea Towel


Support Watershed Stewardship

We believe the Copper River watershed can have a vibrant, healthy future of resilient wild salmon habitat and spawning grounds. The Copper River Watershed Project is working hard on projects like habitat monitoring & restoration, as well as education efforts and local recycling for our isolated coastal community in Cordova. We encourage you to join us in supporting the good work happening at the Watershed Project. 

> Be an advocate for wild salmon


Copper Salmon Barrette

Handcrafted from Sterling Silver and Copper metal here in Cordova by our incredibly talented friend Shelby. Spruce up your hair styles with some art.

> Shop Salmon Barrette


Cook up a Savory Salmon Breakfast

The savory breakfast of our dreams! Sourdough waffles with thick yogurt, a pile of smoked salmon, and plenty of fresh dill to top it off.  

> Make our Smoked Salmon & Sourdough Waffles Recipes


Comfort Food For Dinner

Nourishing wild salmon with crispy potatoes & fresh herbs. We love this recipe for a simple, warm dinner any night of the week. Order a box of our frozen salmon and keep your freezer stocked with healthy protein. 

> Wild Salmon with Potatoes & Preserved Lemon Recipe

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